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It’s exhausting.

Living with anxiety can cause us to constantly worry, overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts and consumed with “what ifs.” Perhaps you are nervous much of the time when at work or socializing, and feel like you are always being judged. Or you want to make changes in life, but fear and doubt are holding you back.


Do you relate to any of these experiences?

  • Having racing and repetitive negative thoughts, even when trying to sleep

  • Having a very busy schedule but not being able to relax when you have downtime

  • Experiencing feelings of dread and fear, a racing heart or thoughts that you are “going crazy”

  • Often being told you “think too much” or to “stop worrying”

  • Constantly criticizing yourself and feeling a need to be perfect

  • Dealing with digestive issues, neck or head pain and stiffness

  • Overanalyzing and overthinking every decision you make

  • Feeling easily frustrated and angry with yourself or others

  • Endlessly worrying that there is something wrong with your health

  • Avoiding certain places, things, situations or people due to fear and anxiety

  • Trying to avoid or push away intrusive thoughts mentally or with rituals, like counting or hand washing


We can work together to find ways to bring relief to your most distressing symptoms, as well as to offer tools to manage anxiety over time. Therapy for anxiety can help you overcome the fears and worries that are keeping you stuck so you can feel more present, intentional and grounded. 


Take care of yourself, too.

Being a new parent or even an experienced one can be overwhelming. And often it’s not how we expected it to be. It's easy to feel consumed by the demands of raising a new baby or young children. We may find ourselves haunted by our own childhood wounds or repeating family patterns we hoped to avoid. 

Therapy can help you find a healthy balance between taking care of your family and taking care of yourself. We can focus on your child's unique needs or any other concerns you have. I provide a supportive space to help you develop the insight and coping skills you need to feel more confidence and joy as a parent and as an individual.

Life Transitions

Thrive in a new chapter.

Handling what life throws at you can sometimes feel impossible. Life changes that are expected, wonderful, shocking or devastating can throw us off balance, leaving us feeling like we're struggling to cope, while still having to manage everyday responsibilities. Learning how to adjust can help with moving forward. 


I'm here to support you through whatever transition you're facing, such as:​

  • Launching into adulthood

  • Identity exploration

  • Going through a breakup or divorce 

  • Losing a loved one

  • School and career changes

  • Moving

  • Becoming a parent/parental challenges

  • A health diagnosis 


Together we can develop new insights, discover strengths, identify helpful strategies, and leverage them to help you grow during this time of change.


Find fulfillment.

Feeling burned out, stressed, frustrated and/or purposeless in your job? Unsure of what you want to do, if you should make a change, or how to thrive in your current career? You are not alone. Many of us spend more time working than doing anything else, so it's important that our job is right for us. Therapy can help you better manage stress, develop healthier boundaries, or make a change so your career is more aligned with your passions, purpose and life values. 

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